to the MHC website, where you can find out information about our organisation, set up to help house single people and childless couples, please see our about MHC page for more information.

We are currently renovating number of properties and are looking for people who are interested in coming along to work parties, in order to be entitled to be housed by our co-operative. See Work Parties page for more information.

UPDATE - December 2013

We currently have 6 two bedroom properties vacant and are looking for up to 12 bright and enthusiastic volunteers to move in.

These vacancies are for 2 people sharing,

and this is they way it works:

We know that our rents are HALF market and whoever moves in will be able to afford to work and save and get on with their lives.

In return we need help keeping our voluntary non profit making housing organisation going.

On Saturday 11th and Sunday the 12th of January at 10am we will be having work parties cleaning and painting these properties.

Properties are usually allocated to the people who work the longest and hardest and is primarily intended to help out single young people.

Please click here to register your interest:



Middlesex Housing Co-operative

8 Waldegrave Road


TW11 8GT

Latest News ....

The next work party will be on Saturday 11th and Sunday 12th January 2014, email us to register your interest .

See work parties page for more info.

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